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Use NSLOOKUP to check the SCCM MP DNS record

You can us NSLOOKUP to check the Configuration Mangers MP record in DNS. Just open a command prompt


set type=all
_mssms_mp_”site code”._tcp.”fqdn-of-your-domain”

With out the “".



You get the server that is currently registered for that SCCM Site Code in the DNS. This record is create when the first MP in your site start the SMS_MP_CONTROL_MANAGER. You will not get a entry for each MP just for one. If you stop the SMS_MP_CONTROL_MANAGER on the server that is registered in DNS the entry will be removed and if you have more than one MP one of the others will register in the DNS. If you for some reason have an entry pointing to a server that is not available any more you must manually delete that entry so a active MP can register instead, because the MP checks if there is a entry for it’s Site Code in the DNS and if there is it will not register or validate the existing DNS record.