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Archive for the ‘Active Directory’ Category

WMI Query for all non Windows 7 clients (2012-1-23)

When I was setting up a new policy for Windows 7 we wanted the old policy to apply to all clients that are not Windows 7. To do a WMI filter in Active Directory you can use the following query.

Free PowerShell Commands for Active Directory (2011-2-28)

The Quest PowerShell Commands for Active Directory is needed to use the Opalis Active Directory integration. It can be downloaded here:

How to Install Configuration Manager Clients Using Group Policy (2010-12-8)

If you want to install the Configuration Manager agent with a Active Directory GPO you will need to the following.

Populate computers to a collection with the members of a Active Directory group (2010-10-1)

If you want to populate a System Center Configuration Manager collection with the members from an Active Directory group.

Active Directory System Discover fails against a trusted external domain. (2010-1-7)

We have the following setup. Two forest one with only one domain (we call this domain A) and the other with a top domain and one child domain (we call this domain B1 and B2 for the child domain . There is a two-way external domain trust between the domain A and the domain B2. […]