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Repair Management Point with HTTP error 500 (2015-10-8)

I sometime get broken Management Points that report Http Error 500 when trying to retrieve the list with http://<ServerName>/sms_mp/.sms_aut?mplist, (where <ServerName> is the NetBIOS name for the management point computer.)

Use NSLOOKUP to check the SCCM MP DNS record (2012-12-17)

You can us NSLOOKUP to check the Configuration Mangers MP record in DNS. Just open a command prompt

Problems to remove Operations Manager agents (2011-3-14)

I had some problems with Operations Manager 2007 agent that would uninstall. The problem occurred when we upgraded from SP1 to R2 but was noticed when upgrading the Operation Manager management pack to 6.1.7221.0. After that we got alerts on some servers saying :

Disable or change the IP v6 priority (2011-1-26)

If you want to primary us IP v4 but not disable IP v6 totally you can add a new value in the registry like this.

Check Java version and save output to file (2011-1-24)

I wanted to check the Java version on some Windows Servers and save the output to a file. Normaly you just run

XenServer tools silent install (2010-12-21)

To install XenServer Tools for your XenServer virtual machines during Configuration Manager 2007 deployment use the xensetup.exe /S /norestart or skip the norestart if you want it to reboot during installation.

Disable IE ESC from command-line (2010-9-24)

To disable IE ESC (Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration) you just do it form the GUI in Server Manager. This is not practical or possible when you are doing a operating system deployment from Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager or any other deployment solution.

Disable Windows Server 2008 firewall from command-line (2010-9-21)

If you want to disable the Windows Firewall on a Windows Server 2008 you can use the “netsh” commands like this.