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Use NSLOOKUP to check the SCCM MP DNS record (2012-12-17)

You can us NSLOOKUP to check the Configuration Mangers MP record in DNS. Just open a command prompt

Get Lenovo Bios Boot Order in SCCM 2007 (2012-10-8)

  Edit the sms_def.mof file. Here is an example on how to create a report for the boot order of Lenovo computers. To get the necessary data for the report we need to modify the SMS_DEF.mof file to collect more data from WMI Name Space Root\WMI and Class Lenovo_BiosSetting.

Advertise OSD Task Sequences to “All Systems” Collection! (2011-11-15)

A simple way to run your OSD against the All System collection is to set the Task Sequence Properties – Advanced  – “This task sequence can run only on the specified client platforms” to an operating system that you don’t have in your environment.

You cannot import a driver into an OSD image if the driver is signed for only the Windows 7 operating system in SCCM 2007 SP2 (2011-9-29)

If HP ProLiant Server OS Deployment for Configurat​ion Manager 2007 fails to install or upgrade. Then you can try this fix from Microsoft.

SCCM report for which collections a computer is member of. (2011-9-27)

Here is a report that shows you which collections a computer is a member of.  

How to prevent Configuration Manager 2007 to use a drive as a distribution point. (2011-9-25)

Have you ever noticed that Configuration Manager 2007 (SCCM) starts using another drive to store the distribution point data? Well I have and the simple solution is to add a file in the root of the drives that you do NOT want to become distribution points. Just create a empty Text Document and rename the […]

Using Configuration Manager 2007 client in Citrix Provisioning Services (PVS) vDisk (2011-3-30)

Using Configuration Manager 2007 client in Citrix Provisioning Services (PVS) needs to be addressed in a special way. The setup that I used for this is the following:

McAfee ePO Agent preinstalled in image (2011-2-8)

We run in to some problems with McAfee ePO Agent when  we where creating our master image to our Citrix Provisioning Server (PVS). In the Citrix PVS all machines are created from one master image that are streamed out to the PVS clients. This means that any type of  agents that are installed in that […]

XenServer tools silent install (2010-12-21)

To install XenServer Tools for your XenServer virtual machines during Configuration Manager 2007 deployment use the xensetup.exe /S /norestart or skip the norestart if you want it to reboot during installation.

Install Lotus Notes client with Configuration Manager 2007 or MDT (2010-12-20)

I spent a couple of days trying to deploy Lotus Notes client 8.0.2 in a Operating System Task Sequence in Configuration Manager 2007 to our Citrix XenApp 6 servers. It kept failing when a run it in Configuration Manager but worked fine when I run the command manually.