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Get Lenovo Bios Boot Order in SCCM 2007 (2012-10-8)

  Edit the sms_def.mof file. Here is an example on how to create a report for the boot order of Lenovo computers. To get the necessary data for the report we need to modify the SMS_DEF.mof file to collect more data from WMI Name Space Root\WMI and Class Lenovo_BiosSetting.

Office 2010 not able to mark text with the mouse (2010-7-24)

I run into some problems with my newly installed Microsoft Office 2010. The problem was that I could not mark text with the mouse, but it worked fine with the keyboard. After some research I found the solution.

Lenovo ThinkVantage Access Connections and Fast User Switching (2009-11-13)

  When trying to enable Fast User Switching on a IBM/Lenovo ThinkPad with Windows XP and ThinkVantage Access Connections, that fails with the following message.

Lenovo Windows 7 drivers (2009-5-28)

Lenovo beta drivers for Windows 7.

Lenovo – ThinkVantage Technologies Administrator Tools (2009-5-26)

  Tools to help you keep your Lenovo systems updated.