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Archive for the ‘VMware’ Category

DHCPipv6 Client (DUID) issue on Citrix PVS images (2012-6-20)

After activating the DHCP server for IPv6 we start to have some intermittent problem with IP-address conflicts. The report from SCOM was not clear but in the logs of the W2k8R2 Xenapp 6 server we saw that it was complaining about IPv6 address renewal.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server For VMware for free (2011-3-16)

VMware is offering free SUSE Linux Enterprise Servers for free to many of there customers. To check if you are a customer with qualifying VMware vSphere licenses look at the this page

Installing Windows XP in VMware ESX 3.5 (2009-11-30)

  Windows XP doesn’t find the disk when trying to install in VMware ESX 3.5. Bus Logic Driver Download .flp file from VMware site: Create a new Windows XP virtual machine in VMware Virtual Center. Make sure that the SCSI Controller is set to BusLogic

VMware vSphere client fails on Windows 7 (2009-10-23)

When installing the VMware vSphere client on a Windows 7 computer the client will fail when trying to connect to your vSphere server.  You will get error saying: